Vic Marosek developed his love for baseball in a field on his parent’s farm in Parkersford, Pennsylvania.  Vic first played organized baseball for Spring City High School.  After graduation he joined the semi-professional baseball team the Hawaiian All-Stars.  The start of World War II ended Vic’s baseball career.  Following Master Sergent Vic Marosek’s discharge from the Army, Vic and his wife Eleanor settled in Phoenixville.  As his oldest son, Victor approached his 9th Birthday in 1955, Vic became active in Phoenixville Little League.  Even in the 1950’s, Vic volunteered to help take care of the Reeves Park baseball field and coached the major league Dodgers.  Vic managed the Dodgers for approximately 30 years.  At times, Vic managed the All-Star Teams.  In 1962 he and his team took a 2ndplace victory at the Pennsylvania Little League State Championship games.  

As the league began to grow, Vic and others began looking for more space to move the organization. After PECO Energy offered the league space at the PECO facility on West Bridge Street, Vic and others started to design and build a new home for what is now Phoenixville Youth Babe Ruth League.  Over the years, Vic worked on building and maintaining three baseball diamonds at this location.  For the next twenty years, Vic came to the park on a daily basis to remove dandelions, cut grass, maintain the infield, plant flowers, pull weeds, or to paint dugouts, the clubhouse, or the bleachers.  Whatever needed to be done Vic was there because as Vic use to say, “it’s all for the kids”.  Following his retirement from BF Goodrich in1984 more time was spent caring for a place where the kids could play ball.  At times, Vic would be seen at the park just as the sun came up in the morning.  If you ever needed Vic, you would know where to find him, at the ball field, where his spirit still lives watching over his park.

In 1988, the league honored Vic’s 33 years of service by naming the home of Phoenixville Youth Babe Ruth League, Vic Marosek Park.  Vic continued to maintain the park for the next 12 years.  As a continued remembrance to Vic, Phoenixville Youth Babe Ruth League presents an annual, Vic Marosek Volunteer of the Year Award to an individual that dedicates much of their time to Phoenixville Youth Babe Ruth League.  This award is presented by a member of Vic’s family during the season’s opening day . 

The recipients by year are:


Jen Devanney

Louis Valladatres

Tom Woods

Rob Cooper and Joe Benyish

Andy Whitmore

Jim Vaile

Jay Rodriquez

Tom Rapp

Vince Corraro and Jack Collins

Frank Zambella

Pete Simco

Joe Holland


Heidi Nelligan